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Sunday, November 6, 2005

more contract?

tomorrow i find out if my contract is being extended and for how long. this is a good day.

friday night we waited at home for the rogers guy to come and install our new phone line. we never got it installed though because we couldn't have the alarm put on standby without the password. oops! so after that cuffufle (is that even a word?) we went to the gym and then were picked up and whisked away (granny-style - sorry dick!) to kanata to see jarhead. i thought it was a good movie, but i would much rather have seen it by myself or with some friends so that some loser guy in front of us hadn't laughed through the touching-ending-part. because we're lame we went home and went to bed after the movie. to our defense, the movie didn't start until 10:30pm.

saturday i slept way in, after dropping j off at work. he was asked to do overtime this weekend kind of last minute but said okay so spent yesterday and today in a warehouse. i spent the time either sleeping or reading in bed or doing house-y stuff like laundry and dishes. after dinner at swiss chalet (i had a really good new salad with spinach and strawberries and almonds) we hung out for a bit and then went to grace o'malleys with j's car buddies. i have to admit, i wasn't there the whole time. i dropped him off and walked around shoppers for a while and then went to the bank. but i did end up there for a little while and it wasn't that bad.

today wasn't much of a day. i wasn't feeling great so i stayed in bed late and then went out to get a birthday present (lots of rubik's cubes going around this year). we drove out to riverside south for an open home and were somewhat impressed but somewhat not so impressed. the backyard was about the size of our bathroom. but we found out yesterday that we aren't being kicked out of here for a year and a half (could have been 6 months) so we have plenty of time to look at loads of open houses and save up tons of money. after that we had j's dad's birthday dinner at grammas and the usually sunday night shopping. now it's basically turn-in-for-the-night time.

now that you know all about my life, tell me something about you. anything.


  1. Hopefully you'll get your contract renewed, if that's what you want. Ideally I'm sure you'd rather have some biology job, so hopefully that happens too. I watched a super weird show tonight that was never aired. It's called Heat Vision and Jack and stars Jack Black. Owen Wilson plays his talking-motorcycle-best-friend. I got it on the internets. I'm also on my 4th or 5th torrent for Shopgirl, since all of them have been stopping around 98%. So good luck to me too.

  2. i'd be curious to see that movie. i'm guessing that short books would make better movies. did you read that they almost made the current harry potter movie into two movies? they had to cut out whole characters. i think i'd rather that than the lotr marathons.

  3. So how long did you get your contract extended for?

  4. the funny thing is that i don't know yet. there has been lots of talk but a complete lack of paperwork and actual dates.