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Thursday, November 17, 2005


i'm getting excited for tonight because i get to knit tonight. knitting with two little cats isn't that doable, so i get away once a week with my s&b girls, usually at m's house. we sit around, knit and drink tea, and inevitably laugh so much my stomach hurts.

i want to knit a bear/bunny(/monkey?) but i'm a little scared to move away from my usual scarves. scarves are safe. i'm working on a black scarf. it will go well with the black tuke i got last night.

j and i went out and spent money like we were money-pants-ses. he needed a new bike because he'll be riding all winter (or as long as possible before his appendages start to fall off) and we found a nice one in the close mall and it was on sale and they took another $50 off just for us. and it's blue! he couldn't be happier. we also got a bunch of our christmas shopping done (sad in a way, good in another way) and got me bus tickets so i can get to work and home again. that reminds me, i have to work out whether i should invest in a bus pass for december. my guess would be yes, not that it matters to you.

yesterday, i got so much work done, so today i'm kinda taking it easy. i deserve it. maybe. i've been looking at knitting websites and reading blogs and other stuff that i don't normally do at work. too bad i can't check my email though. gmail wasn't blocked at my last contract. they're smarter here obviously.

we still have to figure out our plans for the weekend. this week has flown by so the weekend isn't full at all. i'll get to work on that.

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