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Sunday, November 20, 2005

harry potter and the too-short movie

so the harry potter movie was good, but honestly, so much is left out. i completely understand why this must be but it's a shame. so the whole story is that matt and julie and me and jon all went out to dinner and a movie. wow, strange now that i think about it. that was the typical double date. i used to DREAD double dates. well, dates in general. dating is awful awful and maybe that's why i was never "dating" long. i regress.. so we trekked out to kanata and ate at jack astor's. we had awesome bread, also known as garlic bread, but if you've ever had the garlic bread there you will agree that, because of all the grease and buttery goodness, it is a heart attack in a pan. BUT it's good and that's why we called it awesome bread. make sense? good.

so we ate dinner. it was good. then we went to amc and stood in line for not-as-long-as-i-thought, but for a while. we even had to go to a later show. so we finally got in and finally got our free popcorn, which i ate, and saw the movie. we got home late and that wasn't a problem for me, but jon worked overtime both days this weekend and was pretty tired.

so the rest of my weekend was me sleeping in, and then doing laundry and other house-y stuff. friday night we went out to greenfields in barrhaven after trying another pub that happened to be bumping with no places to sit. in barrhaven. who'da thought. anyways, we spent lots of money but j made lots of money so it all works out.

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