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Wednesday, November 9, 2005

contract = work = money = ka-CHING!

i got official word today that my contract is extended until december 30th, 2005. i am officially all set for christmas. money money money!

i'm getting super excited about our trip. i don't know when i'll get to pack though because we're going to the gym tonight and then i'm going out with my sitc girls (sharks in the city. we're cool) for pho and then poker or a movie night or something. we're calling it "phoker". fun, eh?

i'm also excited because i found out yesterday that i have a shitload of pc points and i can get free prints with them. this is perfect because now that i'm scrapbooking i'm spending a lot of money on pictures (never used to get them developed). but now i can do it for free!

today is my friday and i have to say that this week has flown by. it sure helps when it's only three days long. i managed to bring a lunch two of three days so that's good. now i just have to get through the next hour and i'm all good.


  1. Hey,

    Congrats on the big job extention.


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  2. Congratulations Batman!