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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

biggest loser

oooh, i just lost my whole post. my fingers went too fast and somehow deleted all the text. urgh. i don't know if i can be as cunning the second time around.

the biggest loser finale was last night. two hours of tv goodness. it was a great finale. what sucks though is that prison break ended monday night, in that the season isn't over but the show is going on hiatus until may. this is to fit in 24, but if you think about it, every week prison break was on and the hour before was the previous week's episode. that means 24 could have easily fit. i don't get it. i just hope that 24 is a killer season so that i'll forget all about prison break until may. we'll see.

tv is starting to get to me. i watch too much of it. and i lie there when i could be doing other things. granted, my christmas shopping is mostly done and the house is mostly clean, but i just feel like are other things i should be doing. for example, i would really like to go to the gym 5-6 times a week instead of 3. maybe i'm aiming too high. i'll have to think of some realistic goals for myself. it could be that me going to the gym every second day is as good as it gets. who knows.

i don't know if it's the weather or what but i'm crabby lately. and i'd like to think that i'm usually more cheerful than i feel lately. but there are positives in my life. i have the cookie exchange to look forward to and however many christmas parties get thrown at me. so i'm going to go to the gym and push myself extra hard.


  1. betcha it's the weather. I'm feeling a bit of the same thing and I'm blaming it squarely on the end-of-november blahs. The lack of sunlight is an issue too - especially since the big fluorescent light in our kitchen doesn't want to work any more. Anyone up for a game of 'Dishes in the Dark'? If you can't see the dirt it's not there, right? :)

    Good on you with your christmas shopping - I haven't yet started. My brother's birthday is this Sunday as well... got any good ideas?

  2. well alan, i don't know your brother at all so i don't know what you should get him. he did just get his own place so maybe something he needs for that? who wouldn't want kitchen tools for their birthday???

    i can't even tell you how happy i was this morning when i didn't have to turn on the bathroom light because it was so sunny (plus i slept in...). ah, the sun.