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Sunday, October 30, 2005

why? tell me why

this weekend was an eventful one. friday night turned into my stitch & bitch night so it was extra late. we had a good time laughing at b's hotdog halloween costume. then last night was a pumpkin carving party at m's. m's pumpkin turned out to be a very deformed popeye, but we got some marvelous pictures from the whole affair. today was the nicest day since daylight savings time gave us an extra hour of sleep. i was tired most of the day, but still got lots done.

tomorrow is halloween and chocolate binge-ing day plus prison break is on.

oh! i almost forgot! we booked a trip for the november long weekend. my boss held out on okaying my time off so our tickets were more expensive than expected (and if we had booked two days earlier) but we're going and i'm super excited! a trip!


  1. Where are you two going? Inquiring minds want to know.


    Richard Kelland
    West Wing Insider

  2. I finally solved the Popeye optical illusion while looking at the pictures... I can see him now!

    I'm still laughing though. :)

  3. we're going to thunder bay. jon's parents are going to stay at our place while we're gone so the cats will be well looked after.

    i can't see popeye (sorry m!)