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Friday, October 7, 2005

who was the best batman?

the turkey's in the oven. we're having our second annual friends potluck thanksgiving dinner. we have a limited number of chairs so don't fret if you didn't get an invite. and besides, we aren't very good at cooking turkey yet, so you're better off waiting a couple of years.

now that i'm no longer working i don't really care that it's a long weekend for the time off, but i'm glad it is the long weekend because it means jon will be home with me monday, and it means my brother is in town from toronto. i'm sure there are more good things that come this weekend as well, but those are the only two i can think of on the spot.

this week was great weather, but i was stuck inside sick as a dog. i have to thank jess for passing along the disease. she infected most of us at the wedding show. somehow jon came out unscathed. it's been awful. but i'm definitely on the mend.

i just got back a bunch of pictures and have some doubles. i have a huge backlog for scrapbooking and the time's right now that i'm unemployed and it's getting cooler outside. what could be better? i was toying with the idea of selling scrapbooking stuff as a job. then i laughed at myself and moved on. i'll wait for something else to come along. i have some leads that i can follow now that i don't feel like death.

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