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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

new job!

how many times have i used that title for a post? anyways. i start my new job monday at nrcan. it's a short-term admin position, but with the possibility of extensions. i'm excited. it's something new and different and it's close to home. i can't stress this enough. i will not have to travel an hour each way taking three different busses. i will be on the road less than an hour a day total and only on one bus. what could be better? sweet!

and i just heard about a language test i have for another position, but this one is indeterminant, or term at least, with the government. biology something. i'm a biology something!

can you tell i'm feeling better? me too.


  1. kelly, where have you been? you don't have a blog anymore eh? how's school?

  2. i've been in kingston. = P

    blog....well.... i'm thinking about starting again. we'll see if i get fed up again and decide to erase it.

    school's high. wait. i meant... i'm in high school right now for my practicum. it's okay 'cause i'm with a special class so it's like a mini art school.