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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

hit me baby one more time

will britney spears music ever get old? i'm kidding.

i had a phone interview just now. i think it went well and i should hear back soon. it's for a cr-04 position (admin assistant type) with nrcan. the pros are 1) it's a job and money, and 2) it's only one bus to get there instead of 3.

had anyone seen the RU the Girl show? it's tlc trying to find a new "L". as much as i don't like reality tv, except the biggest loser, i kind of like it. there's so much attitude.

i spent a lot of time this weekend scrapbooking. it feels good to get back into it. i have all the pictures so i just have to put them all together in albums. this weekend was also a lot of eating and seeing family and friends. but it didn't feel much like thanksgiving. maybe it's because we're both done school so there was no travelling back home, or thinking about studying for exams (and not studying of course). weird. i did eat a lot of turkey though. and our second annual friends potluck thanksgiving dinner was a success. a bit shrieky at times due to someone's new girlfriend, but it went well.

the last thing to mention is that i slept in until 1pm today. i am officially unemployed and loving it!

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