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Thursday, October 27, 2005

french testing

i had my french-as-a-second-language testing this afternoon. it's for a biology position at health canada for which i applied over a year ago. why they're testing me (aka spending money on me) before they interview me is beyond me. me me me!

funny story. i get home today and go get changed. in my room i notice the little nest where the cats have obviously been asleep for a long time and then i notice two of our pillows are missing. this isn't the first time. so i went for a little look around the house. found one in the kitchen under a chair and the other mostly under another bed. our cats are weird! why they (we think it's just rolo) feel the need to take our pillows for walks we don't know. so i made a documentary. i'm sure it will make you laugh if you ever see it.

i got another scrapbook! julie - i know you don't read this but maybe matt will tell you. i got it because the one i have is full! i have three months of 2004 completed and i'm in july for 2005. i'm playing catch-up and will be for a long long time, but i am getting it done. also (matt tell julie) i think we should have a scrapbooking night where we invite friends that want to scrapbook and let them use our stuff and show them all the tools. what do you think?

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