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Saturday, October 15, 2005


what can i say to make you feel like you must comment? what has to be in this post? do you need a burning question? a funny tale? an embarassing story? what? WHAT? do i need to comment on our political world? on what the celebs are wearing/dating/eating/not eating?

well i won't! this blog is for me. it's for me to get it all out. and if you don't like that then just keep reading annonymously. that's just fine. fine with me.

did i have you going? do you really think i'm a bitch?

i would like more people to comment but then i realize that i read other peoples blogs and never comment or only sometimes do so i don't hate you for not commenting.

and now the rest of the post. since i start work monday i have some things to do before then. i have to get a bus pass (and if i can't get one on the cheap, i will just get some tickets). i have to get groceries because i can no longer do that during the week during the day (what better time to do groceries? there is none).

i'm lucky that m will be taking me to my new building sometime tomorrow to show me where to go. i don't want to be figuring it out at 8am monday morning. yuck. i just have to say this again - i will be cutting a whole hour off my commute every day! i am SO excited about this.

now let's back it up a little bit. thursday night was our first S&B of the new season (when it's cold it's easier to knit). it was great to see m's new apartment and to see the girls again. only two of us were knitting though and one of those girls was me! i'm back into it. yes, that's right. for the first time since my lumi died i picked up the needles and actually DID something. plus i need a scarf that will match my new coat ("new blue" is to replace "big blue", my old football jacket that someone made me throw away. new blue is leaking little white feathers all over the car. oops!). soon enough i will be knitting for the salvation army. you buy the wool and make the scarf/mitts/tuke and bring it back and they reimburse you for the wool. sounds like a good plan to me!

yesterday was lunch with alan. we had been meaning to get together for months and months, but finally did and i'm very happy about it. we went to a little place called the table. it's a vegetarian restaurant. SO good. i had my first real dose of tofu and i have to say that i was impressed. now i just have to learn to cook it myself. then j and i went to the gym and i worked myself extra hard. why? maybe it's because i don't have hockey this winter and i'm feeling a little strange about that. anyways, then we went to gracies west to meet up with the mazda3 boys. then to the market to meet up with some friends for matt's birthday. we went to a coffee shop/dessert place called oh so good and it was oh, so good. that was it for our night. j is working all weekend overtime, which means big bucks for us. whoowhooo!


  1. Congratulations on the job Batman! Batman always wins cause he's the hero! J should be your accomplice Robin.

    So firstly, congratulations on the job.

    Secondly, Salvation Army reimbursts you for the yarn? What an awesome idea! I should've asked you my knitting questions this summer. My scarves are crap.

    Oh So Good is ok but if you want good deserts, go to La Moulin de Provence or something along those lines...its in the Byward Market. It's open 7-7.

  2. see i'm not big on desserts - don't get me wrong, i love cake and pie and ice cream - but not as much as most people i don't think. i didn't even get my own that time. but maybe i'll branch out and try the one you mentioned. who knows!

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