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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

the shizzit

i didn't give you enough information last post. i want to go back to school. partly as an avoidance strategy, partly as a survival strategy (avoiding work, surviving by not shooting myself in the head due to crappy work). i have been toying with lots of ideas over the past year and a half since i graduated.

back two summers ago i was thinking about going to school to be an occupational therapist. i don't know where that idea went or why, but it's been gone for a while. lately i've wanted to go to college for the veterinary technician program. it's a 2-year full-time program. i emailed my vet to ask her about the people she employs and she said that if i'm serious about it i should attend st- lawrence college in kingston. i looked into that program and it's a three-year full-time program. haven't i spent enough time in kingston? 4 years of undergrad apart from j might have been enough for me.

then finally, i'm looking into going to carleton or ottawa for my masters in biology. this is probably the smartest idea for many reasons, including that it's related to my undergrad so i wouldn't be "wasting" those four years and i could be in ottawa. downsides: my undergrad marks suck and i don't have any research background.

the answer? well i'm not sure yet. i'm going to meet with the chair of the biology department at carleton in two weeks and as flat out about my marks and my experience. i don't want to pay the $75 to apply if there's no way in the world i will be accepted.

so that's my dilemma. i basically do not want to work anymore so school is my way out. is that so bad?

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  1. My friend Bethany is at Algonquin for Vet Tech. I think she's just finishing up, so if you have any questions I'm sure she'd be happy to help you out.

    - Sabrina