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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

reality tv

my favourite reality tv show is back. guess what it is!


  1. Bachelorette? Elimi-date? Just Like Mom? Kidstreet?

    Wait, let me try again. 24??

    Okay, that's my guess. See ya soonish, chica, take care:-)


  2. i don't consider 24 a reality tv show and it doesn't start until january. so my answer is no to all those guesses. try again!

  3. cause I saw that it started last night...

  4. Whoops, touché on the reality comment. I clearly wasn't paying attention. But did you have fond memories of Just like Mom where the poor parents had to guess who make what heinous , boltulism infested food concoctions by TASTING? And can you think of any stronger testament of a mother's love? Yeah, me neither.