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Friday, September 16, 2005

happy birthday to you and happy UNbirthday to me

it's everyone's birthdays this week. not me though. no sirree, i'm a january baby.

yes, my favourite reality tv show is the biggest loser. i know i've talked about it before, but i just want to say that i really like it. i like how it teaches people how to eat properly and about exercise and makes life changes instead of showing that they can gather the most amount of flags while hanging 5 kilometers over water (though i have to admit i also like fear factor).

jon's parents bought him a remote-control helichopper for his birthday. oh my. the hours of flying fun! i'm being sarcastic. it's funny though. he has to keep it in one of the spare bedrooms because the cats like to chew on it.

i got this email today forwarded from a friend:


Hey kids!

Last time ever! Next year we're moving on so come celebrate our final
homecoming at the Shak! The party will be friday night at 514 Johnson
(between Johnson and Frontenac), $10 for beer - bring your friends and

Hope to see you there!!!"

that's where i used to live! so i forwarded it to my old housemates. i think they're actually going to go. i would think about it seriously if i didn't already have plans that night. will i be going to kingston at all? i do not know.

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