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Tuesday, September 6, 2005

green day! green day!

what can i say? green day was awesome, but i was expecting awesome. they always get three people to come on stage to play hte drums, bass, and guitar, and this time it actually worked and they sounded great. in montreal last time we saw them, they never fuond a drummer who could cut it. and i'm not saying i could do better, because i don't play any of those instruments, but it's early green day material, and from what i've heard, anyone could play it. it's amazing how green day went from songs made entirely of three power cords, to the band they are now.

the rest of the weekend was fun too. lots went down. saturday was my baseball coach's 25th anniversary party. complete with meat roasting on the spit, to hypnotist action. it was a very fun time, though i was completely exhausted by the end of it.

sunday i played in a charity 3-pitch tournament with tina and john out in the sticks. it was a lot of fun. we won the tournament and i didn't break my knee. i gave my medal to john's sister and her husband, who just had their first baby. a huge baby boy. after the tournament we showered and then rushed up to shannon's cottage. there were lots of crazy people there and lots of beer and other consumables (i might have made that word up). we made it home pretty late and i slept like a log until 11:30 sunday.

sunday was a nothing day really, well until the concert. we were going to get groceries and do other shopping, but nothing was open so we didn't. honestly, nothing much happened. it was the kind of day i needed to recover from the weekend.

now it's the beginning of a short work week and i couldn't be happier about that. i started off the week by sleeping in a little too long and getting here late. we're supposed to be having a meeting as i type, but no one is there yet, so i'm holding out. only three more months.

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