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Friday, September 2, 2005


breaking news: i have an interview on september 12th. it's a government job and that's about all i know. i'm waiting on an email to find out more. am i happy? moderately so.

my parents anniversary went well i think. j and i headed over there two days ago and brought with us three framed pictures, one from both j's and my brother's grad and one from when my uncle was in town. it seemed like they were both happy... but that might have been because my grandparents, who are back in ottawa, had just moved out again. who knows.

barrymore's last night turned into us standing in line and finally ditching the line and heading to a different bar for food. i heard it was fun inside but very very hot. i guess that's what happens when you cram a million dancing teens into a small space. kingston people - barrymore's is ottawa's aj's, but without the plane (which i didn't notice for years).

this weekend is jammed packed with fun activities and i'm sure i'll have lots to tell tuesday. until then.

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  1. Kamerine, Yes congratulations on that interview you feisty tigress, RAWR. It took them a year but they finally acknowledged your existence. Now they'll be able to see how desperate you are IN PERSON. I kid. You have this "I don't give a dipshit" attitude that kicks ass. Keep it up. That way, when I climb that corporate ladder, we'll still be friends.