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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

back with a brand new rap

i'm sorry for the delay. time flies.

my brother was in town this weekend so i did much family stuff. plus it's my mom's birthday today and my grandparents are back in ottawa so there was lots going on. but let's backtrack a little.

wednesday night was the last car night at place d'orleans for the year. so we went and we walked around and saw all the oldies-but-goodies. then i went inside and shopped while jon talked car stuff for hours. i found a rubik's cube for my mom (did you know it's the most popular puzzle game EVER? and it's been around for 25 years - longer than i have) and some tank tops for me.

thursday was just a regular day.. at least i can't think of anything exciting. friday was fat tuesdays with the ball girls. it was a lot of fun. fat tuesdays is in the market and has three piano guys (they rotate, this night it was mostly one, but the second came on for a bit). we met at andi's first and i finally got to meet her old roommate meghan. meghan's a crazy bitch, in a good way. so we were out and lots of the girls came which was good to see. it was freezing cold so i had a few beer to elevate my body temperature. i love how slamming back two beers gets me so hammered. oh, cheap drunk. this night was also the night my brother got to town.

saturday was a run around and do errands kinda day. we got a new licence plate sticker and saw vik for a bit.. even got a short little cruise in his mini. then it was off to kanata. jon didn't stay long because HE WENT RACING!!! but i stayed and had chicken burgers and went out with my brother, his gf and some friends. we went to honest lawyer. i was dd so just sat back and laughed at them drinking shots and beer like it was their job. i got home close to 4am, reeking of beer and tired.

but jon went racing. that's a bigger story. he went, with some other mazda 3 boys, to the luskville dragway and for $20 you get to go in and you get to race. he raced and won some and lost more, but had a great time and it was all he could talk about all sunday. apparently the tires now need rotating and we need gas about a week earlier than usual, but it was all worth it. too bad he's itching for his new car though, more than before. and i still don't have a solid job. (this is turning into a long post.. keep reading!)

sunday was another errands day and then off to kanata for mom's birthday and scott's send-off. mom was so pleased with her rubik's cube. we got some nice pictures of everybody before everyone scattered.

okay, only another day to cover. yesterday was monday and usually mondays suck. well this one did too, really. except i drove to work - sshhhhh, don't tell my car insurance guy. i had a job interview in hull for an indeterminant position with environment canada. it was a learning process: i wanted to know what a government competition was all about so i wasn't too concerned that i answered all their questions poorly and have no hopes in hell of getting the position. do i really want a government job anyways? not so much. i want to go back to school. will you finance that?

i went to the gym last night and got the village (you get free 2-day rentals from goodlife). it was a good movie. more of a thinker than i thought it was. and now we're here. i'm sitting at work, waiting for a meeting and putting off the work i actually have to do, which is to make some name tags for a workshop later this week. ooh the fun.


  1. wow, didn't think that would ever end, didya?

  2. Why the hell are YOU making the name tags? That's Fabio's job!

  3. hahaha fabio... poor boy. let me tell you. he spent today and yesterday putting labels on envelopes. 400 of them!

  4. Oh that sucks just as bad if not worst.

    Just like how they made me pack ISD for that carpet removal, but I'm not bitter.