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Thursday, August 18, 2005

vegan tales (tails?)

i LOVE this weather. it's cool enough to want to be wearing clothes outside and not dying on the bus and being able to sleep without sticking to the sheets. what more could you ask for? the rest of summer? maybe.

this week is flying by which is nice nice nice. i have tomorrow off which also helps. so what's new? baseball is so close to being done. we had our last playoff game monday night. we won. that puts us in third place and gives us a $60 gift certificate. plus we get some money from kelsey's, but when i'm not sure. tomorrow we're off to st. catherine's for the provincials. i have no idea how they'll go, but anything could happen with double-knockout.

we went out to lunch today for the co-op's last day (supposed to be tomorrow, changed so i could go). i had my first actual veggie burger and i was impressed. i think there was some sort of spice that i didn't notice at the time but is now killing my mouth, but i'm not going to let that tarnish my experience. no siree.

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