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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

soggy doggy

it's my parent's anniversary today and all they get to do to celebrate is make dinner for my grandparents. my grandparents are back from holland. if you're keeping track they were there approxximately 3 weeks. a short enough time that their house in manotick has not yet sold and they will be moving back in there shortly. crazy people.

it's really wet outside. all the windows on the bus this morning were fogged up and it was hard to tell where we were. i'm glad i can finally read on the bus. it makes the time go by much faster.

this week seems to be crawling by. i will be glad when the weekend gets here because it's a long weekend with many a party to go to and a sweet concert to end it off.

i'm getting the itch to buy new clothes. why does this always happen? i can't be happy with the clothes i have. is everyone like this?

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  1. I've often got the new clothes itch too... except I find shopping so frustrating (and expensive!) that it gets put off, and put off and before you know it I'm still wearing that shirt I got for my birthday when I was 15.

    Sad but true. I wish I knew how to shop. One of these days I'll learn...