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Sunday, August 14, 2005

holy crap birthdays

it seems that birthday season is upon us. does anyone else have a birthday end-of-august-early-to-mid-september that i should know about? i wonder if statscan has any idea of what the most popular birthday is. can they even know that? like only in canada or something.

so i'm back in ottawa. back back back. back in black. we had a great time in toronto and managed to catch up on sleep even though our days and nights were generally packed full. i have tons and tons of pictures, but only the lucky few of you who see me in person will get to see them. we got to see all the animals at the toronto zoo, we got to see my brother and his new place, we got to see the yorkdale mall (holy hUGE!), we got to see heather and dan (heather was the photographer at our wedding) and most importantly we got to see all the family. we had a huge and very very nice catered dinner on saturday night. lots of good food and alcohol and toasts with tears and laughing.

it's humbling to think that jon's grandparents have been married for more than twice the number of years i've been alive, and that jon and i have only KNOWN each other for one-tenth as long as they've been married. how do they do it? i think the answer may lie in the time apart. time apart makes the heart grow fonder, or so i've been told. maybe separate vacations?

we talked a lot about money and about houses and about cars and about being out of debt... all these things i want. more short-term goals include finishing my ball season (without any more injuries would be a bonus) and getting back into the habit of going to the gym and running. but this week will not be my week to get all that started. i have much more important things to do.