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Thursday, August 25, 2005

get your own life!

"get your own life" now has special meaning to us. fraud and identity theft is out there and it could happen to you. thankfully most people/companies are very understanding and helpful.

this week has been a good week. i've been keeping myself busy without baseball. a certain teammate can't get enough of me and keeps getting on my busses. but really, i've watched tv and vacuumed and went to see my parents and had friends over. it's nice to have the time for things like that. the one thing, okay, the two things, that i haven't yet done that i have to do are groceries and going to the gym. groceries are getting desperate. we've eaten out for most meals this week. sad but true.

my agent came by this morning and brought me timbits. it was really nice of her. my job has changed a little bit as we move into the second three-month part of my contract. it's weird to think that i've been here for almost three months already, and that i have another three lined up. i'll be taking a two week vacation at the end of september though, to meet up with some friends in western canada, either somewhere in bc or in yellowknife. either way i'm sure it will be fun.