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Monday, August 22, 2005

crazy happenings round this town

baseball is done. bittersweet. we went to the provincials and placed 4th. that means we did realy well but not well enough to get a medal. one of our pitchers got best pitcher of the tournament though. it was double knockout format (so you lose two games and you're out). we lost our first game 5-4. it was back and forth all game. then we mercied the next team and beat the third convincingly. then we lost 4-3 sunday morning. so the two teams we lost to placed top 3. i thought i played well. i slid for the first (and second and third and fourth) time of the season. i was one mucky puppy all weekend. it was great, but now it's recovery time and back to work.

work is changing a little. my contract was extended and the woman i was replacing will be back in two weeks and the guy i will be replacing in the second part of my contract is leaving tomorrow. all these people going to europe. but it means work for me.

i have to jet. i'll post more later.

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