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Monday, August 8, 2005

clevah gurrrrrlll

holy crap i've been busy this past week. i spent more time at the ball diamond than anywhere else, well not work but you get the idea. and i haven't yet recovered so i'm a little apathetic.

i get to leave work early today because we're dropping the saturn off so i can get shipped to thunder bay for jon's sister. byebye saturn! and after that i have my second playoff game. it should be a good one.

we had our ball party saturday night. it started off with a game - girls vs. boys. we lost. not too badly, but we lost. then it was bbq and a bonfire. some of the girls got real drunk. i think everyone had a good time, though the next day was a little rough.

i'm sure there's more. there always is. i will depart with this: happy birthday, richard. we'll get you some cake yet!

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