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Thursday, August 4, 2005

baseball yes!

we had our first playoff game last night and it was my first game back since my little injury week there. i had two weeks off total. we won in extra innings and it was a great game. my team really pulled it together and played awesome. it felt so nice to play again. i've been watching lots of ball at the nationals and it really inspired me, knowing that i used to play at that level and seeing all the good plays and solid hits. i had some solid plays on d but really nothing at bat. i have to work on that evidently.

as a result of spending so much time at the ball diamond though i'm exhausted and work is dragging on and on. i had some stuff dumped on me and i have to get it done. at least i have a deadline. without one i don't work half as well.

i'm already half way through the 6th harry potter book (the one just out). why are they so addicting? i wonder if i would feel the same if i was reading them instead of listening to them. i think i would get through them faster.. well maybe. there's the tradeoff that i can't read in a moving vehicle so i do spend two hours a day listening and not doing anything else. it definitely makes the bus rides more pleasant. i'm not sure exactly what i'm going to do when i'm done though. i'll have to find more books on tape.


  1. hola!

    hey, glad to hear you're feeling better and the girl got some consequences...and you had a nc weekend! I'm so jealous abut your laundry day, though, I have to say. I threw out a pair of undies and didn't replace them, and now I'm down to only 3 or handwashing! talk to ya later chica, I miss S&B!!!

  2. I think the Harry Potter books are addicting, even if you read them. I read the first five in May (when I finally had time to start reading again) and couldn't put them down.