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Monday, August 1, 2005

baseball craze

i wish i was a year younger and then i could be participating in the junior nationals, hosted by my old team. the nationals are going on all this week in manotick. i have a feeling i will be spending a lot of my free time out there. i will either be watching or volunteering, though the man organizing the volunteers hasn't gotten back to me yet. his loss.

upcoming kars games: tonight @ 6pm, tomorrow at 9am and 6pm.

this weekend was so great. friday i left work a little early and we were off to the cottage in good time. it was nice. we went to bed early, slept lots, gots lots of sun and just relaxed most of the day. mmmmmm.

then it was home time and that meant laundry and lots of it. not so fun. but i was able to get to bed early again so monday morning, while most people are at home sleeping/relaxing i'm at work. and the worst part about having a holiday in ontario and not in quebec is that the busses are on the sunday schedule meaning there was no way i was getting to work quickly so i drove. i love getting to work in only 30 minutes, plus there was hardly any traffic, even on this side of the river. the only downside: i have to go move my car in a couple of minutes, and every two hours. yuck.

okay, i do have some work to do today. i slacked off last week on some pretty big things that are coming up. oops!

more new quickly: we will soon be a one-car family, but not too long after we will be a two-mazda3-car family. his and hers. how cute!

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