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Monday, July 11, 2005

when you work high

i work on the 19th floor and there's lots you can see from this high up. over the weekend they painted the lines in the parking lot in the zellers mall across the street. the new yellow lines are blinding from up here. i also have a good view of the casino and lots of gatineau. it's nice except for the fog/smog these days.

our party was a success. i feel kinda bad because i stayed in the kitchen mostly and didn't get to see some of the people who stayed in the living room. but i had a good time and none of my stories got out.. it's dangerous having vik around.

yesterday was our actual anniversary so we slept in and i skipped practice and we went to kanata to see my parents, went out for dinner at the outback, went and saw jon's grandparents who are just back from victoria and rented a movie. i can finally say that i've seen hitch. i've been waiting a long time for it and it didn't disappoint.

this week is supposed to be a hot one so i wore a skirt today. it's a little chilly in the office, but on and off since the airconditioner seems wonky. time for food.


  1. Your blog gets the award for best titles.

    This is official.

  2. thanks dick! some days i try, other days i don't. half the time when i'm reading other blogs i don't even notice the titles. i wonder if it's the same with other people. do you always notice the title of the post?