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Sunday, July 3, 2005

turn your back away

canada day. came and went. good times, sexy times were had by all, except maybe one guy who was shooting the worst game possible. there were definitely some highlights from the night, and poor matt, who wasn't there, had to hear all about them multiple times as more and more people showed up last night. here's the condensed story: vik had a bbq at his house. there were some sorority girls there, most notably the one with entirely not enough clothing on (very very low-cut tank top and very very short skirt). some good memories: vik pushing arlen into sarah with everyone hitting the ground except vik and dave trying to open a beer some way and managing to punch himself in the chin enough to make himself bleed. after that we went to janderson's house. memories from there: all the drunked naked boys with no shame, arlen's good game, and vlatko dialing seven-three-seven-eleven-nineteen for pizza pizza.

that brings us to yesterday. yesterday i slept in and went to the gym and lay outside in the backyard and finished my french book. i was going to scrapbook but scrapped that (pun intended) when i ran out of time. we went to janderson's for dinner (holy spicy!) and poker (poker? i didn't even know her!). it was my first for-real poker with money, and only my second time playing. needless to say i was out first, but jon won it all so we didn't lose our $20, but made $20. that's the royal we obviously. i have much to learn about playing poker.

now today. i have lots of things i want to do and i probably won't get to all of them, but i'm not worried. worrying's for suckers.


  1. Oh! I've been taking a bunch of pics recently. You can see a few of them here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/lionndubh/

    Not sure how long I'll stick with this. I have a short attention span, but considering I was blogging for a few years, maybe this will last a few years? We'll see.

    Sounds like you had a good weekend.

  2. i did have a good weekend. getting up this morning wasn't the easiest thing i've ever done. showering the night before is key though.

    you take really good self-portraits, at least i assume you were the one taking all of those pictures.

  3. Yeah, I'm the one who was taking all the pics. It's mostly luck, though, and the fact that I take lots of pics. Glad you liked them, though.

  4. Hahah, sounds like you had a good time too this weekend. I say lets continue the good weekend trend...!!! any word on that (that being coming weekend) yet?

  5. I missed the BBQ. Stupid rain. :(