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Friday, July 15, 2005

road rash and sk8er boi

for me it's been a while. this week has flown by, thankfully, i'm getting tired. i don't get enough sleep all week and by the end i just want to crash. maybe i will after work. mmm sleep.

my biggest piece of news is that i went to the avril lavigne concert last night. it was a last minute decision and i'm not even sure if there was an opening act - it said so on the ticket, but we got there about 45 minutes after the "start" of the show and there were tons of people outside and running around (and when i say people i mean little girls). if you don't like her don't tell me and don't bother reading this post. i like her and i thought she was really good live. she belted out all her songs and ran around on stage. it was nice to finally see her. but come to think of it i don't think we really needed to buy tickets. getting in wasn't a big deal and no one checked our tickets at all. that would have saved some money for sure.

this weekend is a ball tournament that was so poorly organized and we just found out that another team dropped out so i have no idea when we're playing. all i know is that it's in quebec and i have to drive sunday. i don't get to sleep in tomorrow and i might just be a little crabby.

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