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Friday, July 8, 2005

my first time

this post is not about sex. i went to my first indian party last night with real people from india who made real indian food. i'm happy to report that i tried almost all the food and liked it. it wasn't too spicy. maybe i'm maturing. maybe not. this party was at vik's house and it was for a couple who were just married last weekend. most of the people were indian and were all dressed up, lots of flowing fabric and sparkles. i was wearing jeans and a button-up shirt.

i heard some bad news this morning. they voted and softball will not be in the 2012 olympics. i think this is a shame. the sport was really starting to take off, not only in the us but all over the world. the olympics were giving the sport good coverage and a good name. i don't think many people knew what softball actually was until they started seeing it on tv. i think most people assume it's under hand pitching a lot like slow pitch when in reality, due to the distance (the pitching mound is only 43 feet from the plate) the pitches come in at the equivalent of 100mph in baseball. the women playing at the olympic level are true athletes and some even pioneers for the sport. 1996-2008 is not a long enough run for the sport at the olympic level. i think it's a shame.

onto other things. i finished reading the third harry potter book. i couldn't put it down yesterday and i just started the 4th and am already in chapter 4. they really hold the attention.

my mom had eye surgery, something similar to lasik but not lasik. they took one of her eyes and made it be the distance eye and the other will be in charge of near seeing. i don't know a lot about the technology but it sounds amazing that our brains can adapt to something like that, though after seeing the crazy experiments they did in the 60s and 70s in my first year psych class i guess anything's possible.


  1. Your mom's new vision sounds like my everyday situation... got one eye for the first 40cm or so, and the other one for the rest. Depth perception through creative use of parallax. It works out ok except for when you're trying to catch a fly ball on a day with no clouds - no points of reference. No wonder I play ball like Lucy from Peanuts :-P

  2. alan, that's hilarious! did you have the procedure? when?