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Monday, July 18, 2005

i've got your heart in my back pocket

the title is from a mandy moore song. i can't say that i know any of her music (this song just came up on iceberg radio), but i did see her in saved! and liked her. m. culkin redeemed himself in my opinion as well in that movie.

okay baseball. this tournament we were in was complete shit. it was the most unorganized piece of crap tournament with no rules written down so they kept changing and we used WHITE balls! that hasn't happened in a decade (i'm making myself sound old). but really, only boys use white balls. basically we went, we weren't totally happy campers, we were rained on, we were delayed, and we didn't win any money. we got home last night almost two hours later than expected, hungry and cranky. not fun. i ate some food, watched some tv and passed out. i was exhausted.

friday night we went to a mazda 3 car party. everyone met at our place and then rolled in together (i'm not joking). i got to talk to a girl i went to highschool with so that was nice. i hadn't seen her in at least 4 years. she's dating one of the mazda 3 guys.

i'm sure i have more to say but i'm really useless right now i'm so exhausted.

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