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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

how come?

i'm really liking the crossword puzzles in dose and metro. they aren't so .. i don't know how to say this.. they aren't so hard because the clues draw more on popular culture that i was alive for. does that make sense? i like the dose crossword especially because a lot of the clues fit in backwards. how fun is that?

it's a really nice day today. i went across the street during my lunch break and found that it wasn't deathly hot and muggy out there and the sky is so blue. it makes me love the summer that i'm usually complaining about. plus i'm wearing a skirt. maybe i'll get some crazy staring at me on the bus again.

i slept much better and longer last night than i have in a while so i'm not completely useless today. i was thinking of a way of revolutionizing the work day. you get paid the same but only work for 6 hours. employees would have to be monitored very closely, but if you actually worked for 6 hours a day i'm sure a lot more would get done. and i'm talking about solid working, not what i'm doing now. i think we're so comfortable with things taking so long to do that we take longer to do them. why not just suck it up and get it done? i don't like the pace of things around here. well i don't like a lot of things around here. yesterday i was talking to a guy who started with me back in september and kept getting extended and is here until at least december. i feel sorry for him. i wouldn't be sane doing that for this long. blah!

i had a night off last night. all i had to do was drive out to pick up the cats from the vet. rolo went in for his scope. we'll find out by the end of the week the results. we took sandy in so that they wouldn't hate each other when he got home but apparently as soon as rolo came to after surgery they had to be separated. i even had to take them home in two separate carriers, but i think that they recovered (ie are not still hissing at each other) much sooner than if she didn't go too.

anyways, time for work. workaworka. ball game tonight but nothing else.

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