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Friday, July 29, 2005

at the end of the day

much has happened recently. the league i play in has decided to suspend the girl who hit me for a game and she is not allowed to pitch against us when we face them in the playoffs. this is great news. i was out of ideas of how to pursue this when i thought the league wasn't going to punish her at all. i even went to the police station to talk to somebody about possibly laying assault charges, but they wouldn't even hear my case saying that there's no way i could convince a judge it wasn't just part of the game because "foul balls happen all the time". this guy obviously doesn't understand baseball. but i'm relieved that there was resolution.

last night we had our first s&b since m left. b actually finished her blanket and it took her 3.5 years less than it took me to do mine. hers is smaller but much more complicated. i guess that's really still no excuse on my part. bah!

work has been long this week. i'm not sure what it is but i'm really tired this week. and i have a feeling that next week probably won't be much better because we're going up to the cottage this weekend and that means sunday will be a mad rush to get things done before monday, which is a civic holiday in ontario but not quebec so i get to work while everyone is enjoying a long weekend. well suckers, i'll have my long weekend while you toil away in your cubicle, but not for another two weeks.

i just finished the 5th harry potter book yesterday and to my delight the 6th has already been made into an audiobook so i got my hands on it and started it today. i'm addicted. it's official.

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  1. Good news about the league throwing the book at that ass of a pitcher. Justice prevails in Gotham city! :)