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Thursday, June 23, 2005

working and running

i decided that i'm going to go another race at the end of the summer. i'm looking to do a 10K and i'm looking into doing a prep clinic at the running room, but it has already started so we'll see.

wow, i've been sneezing up a storm today because i forgot to take my reactine this morning. BIG mistake. damn allergies.

so i'm just about done my first week of work. having this friday and next friday off is a nice way to start off a new contract. plus we have a bbq this afternoon and all of my work is done so i can go and feel good about things.

i don't know what this weekend holds for me. but i'm hoping to scrapbook friday night, definitely going to a family cottage party this weekend, and sunday is baseball practice. i would really like to fill that up more though. now that weekends are precious. oh weekends.

and now that i'm being paid i can go and spend more money.. that's how it works, right? it does actually work that way for the most part. the more money you have the more money you spend. and along the same lines: the more people you know the more people you know who die. a somber thought for a friday [technically thursday] afternoon.



  1. wow, that's a really depressing way to look at things. :o
    - Sabrina

  2. Things can be depressing and realistic.
    - Sabrina

  3. exactly. but at least we're both emploted now and neither is dead.