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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

workin girl

i'm posting from work. i think this might become a trend since i'm on the computer all the time here and not so much from home anymore. i'm getting to know all the acronyms (and believe me, there are many) and the people. i even bussed in today. kevin is back in my hands (my mini iPod). i didn't need him much when i was home all the time. and jon just got one of his own for graduation from his parents. we were joking that they got him a barbeque because that's what his sister got for her grad so i want to call his iPod barbeque. he doesn't seem to like this idea. i'm vetoeing (is there an 'e' in that word?) him. kevin and barbeque.

so baseball. we actually won last night. it was a fun game. i don't think i've ever laughed that much at a game. one of the other outfielders went to tell us that one of their players usually pulls the ball but she said 'porks' instead. you should have heard us laughing over that. it was nice to have fun and to win. one of the girls took a ball in the mouth though. no broken teeth but her lip is hugely swollen. she's still cute though. there's also some drama going on with the team and a guy who was kinda coaching.

hmm, i don't really have much else to say. i want to get back into going to the gym and now that i don't have french two nights a week i think i can handle getting there at least those days. i guess we will see.

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  1. okay people, i know you're reading the site. tell me something. we were doing so well with comments the last little while. if i have to leave myself comments i will! that's supposed to be a threat.