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Thursday, June 30, 2005

there can only be one

we won our ball game last night. i don't know what the score was but we have runs (multiple runs) and they had none. so there! that team was above us in the standings too. good stuff.

i got the third, fourth and fifth harry potter books to listen to on kevin (my iPod mini for those of you not in the know.. or who just can't remember my crazy names for everything) and i started the prisoner of azkaban this morning. the first two chapters were already so much better than the movie, which we rented (for free from goodlife) a while ago.

speaking of goodlife, jon had rented the village and forgotten to bring it back so i dropped it off on my way to kelsey's last night. it was 2 and a half hours late but they waved the $5 late fee. sweet deal. though i do owe 50 cents on a library book that i forgot to renew. at least it's under a dollar. but i'm keeping my french up using the library so i really can't complain.

yesterday, remember? i had all that work to do. well i scrambled around all morning trying to get everything done and i fired off the last of my summary reports and then was reminded that i had a meeting to attend. half way through the meeting i had to make a bolt for the bathroom cause i thought i was going to throw up. thankfully i didn't but i felt like ass for the rest of the day. i stuck it out and got the rest of my work done and was feeling fine in time for my game.

after the game a lot of us went to kelsey's. now, i really appreciate them sponsoring us, but i have to say that the service there was just awful. the food was good though. i recommend the club house wrap, but make sure your waitress isn't a bimbo and brings you a fork for your salad. good thing our table of 7 got 2 forks.

i read dose for the first time two days ago. even though all the stories are short and to the point, i still end up skipping some of them. i just don't care. that's the extent of my attention and that's really sad.

i will leave you with this: go online and find a game of soduko. i made it easy so just click on the link. holy it's addictive.


  1. Girl - don't talk to me about library fines! The library tried to charge me $40, but I told them to get bent. It's all cool now.

    signed, the Robin Hood/Zorro of library loaning.

  2. Does your post title mean there can only be one comment? 'cause if so, I'm breaking the rules.

    PS - Kingston is beautiful today.

  3. I am now addicted to that soduko game.

    Thanks a lot!

  4. richard, how did you actually sort that one out? did you pay the $40?

    kelly, i actually had the gwen stefani song in my head. i love getting comments, remember? man is that song ever catchy though.

    soduko is super addictive. didn't i warn you? there was one night i fell asleep thinking about it. it's such a simple game but really fun. and it's easier on the wrists than minesweeper.