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Friday, June 10, 2005

the in-laws

the in-laws are coming to town tomorrow so some major cleaning must be done today. i'm all decked out for the job. i got home from practice (lots of sweating cause it's so damn muggy out) and threw on my running shoes and here i am. but i won't bore you with anymore cleaning details.

my interview yesterday got postponed until monday. something came up. shit happens. i'm not worried though. it'll happen. i might not get the position but i will get a job eventually. 1-800-subway? do you have a job for me?

one of the worst things about getting up early in the morning is how hungry i am and how i can't go back to sleep until i've showered and eaten. but both are being delayed due to cleaning. why can't i be martha stewart.. in the she-probably-has-a-very-clean-house kinda way. i wouldn't want whatever she has stuck up her ass up mine. no way. my ass is free from foreign objects, especially butter beans (see the monkey for that one!).

i have a question for all you commenters: what is your take on air conditioning? do you like it, need it, despise it...? i want to know.


  1. I despise air conditioning. Give me open windows! (And a fan if it's really hot.)

    And on that note - time to get some stuff done before I catch a train home, where I'll be forced to live in a place where the air conditioning makes it too cold for my liking. Luckily, my room's above the kitchen and I have tons of blankets. And cats. Cats!

  2. cats are always nice to have around. unless they're the puking kind like one of ours... then it's not always so fun. but still worth it.

  3. I like to avoid air conditioning, a little sweat is pretty sexy, I think. It kind of felt a little unhealthy with the smog at 40 degrees in my third floor apartment these past few days, but it's good to resist the instinct to crank the air conditioner is such times and avoid contributing to the smog. I have the luxury of dealing the old fahioned way of actually slowing down my pace in life and drinking blended frozen drinks. Well, maybe that part's more contemporary.

    Good luck with the interview, chiquita!