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Sunday, June 5, 2005

peterborough done

we went to peterborough and yelled and screamed at my brother's grad. it was outside (wish we'd known that beforehand) and really really hot and sunny. we stayed in a little motel where jon was afraid to have his feet touch the ground. but it was cheap.

on the way home we went to the reptile zoo. something i've been wanting to do for the last 4 years. it did not disappoint. there were tons of snakes and lizards and some turtles, tortoises and even an alligator and a crocodile! it was worth the stop. we took pictures.

i went scrapbooking friday night with julie. i started working on my travel book and am finding it harder than the chronological book. and i found out about scrapbooking stuff on ebay. bad news. i bid on a bunch of things.

today we went and looked at a house. it was only a block or two from here and is the same model only sideways. it was really nice though, and most likely out of our price-range, but i was really curious to see what the sideways model looked like. and now we have an idea of what this place will go for. but thinking about houses makes me a little down, since houses equal mortgages equals money equals i don't have a job. so the push is on. i have until the end of the summer to find a job and start making money. i'm going to try and get myself in somewhere on a volunteer basis so i can get a position in september. i think that's the way to go.

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