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Wednesday, June 29, 2005


last night was nice. we had one of our last S&B's. we're down to three members and probably will keep getting together but our rock, m, is leaving on her trip tomorrow. so we went out for DQ and i have to say that my slushie (arctic rush or whatever it was called) was so sweet that it was kinda sick. apparently i'm not a kid anymore. but the night was fun. i got home much much later than i was expecting, but it was worth it.

in other news, i got new sliding shorts. these are padded spandex shorts that we wear under our ball shorts. my old pair had a really annoying tag that i ripped out years ago and they finally unraveled enough so that my bum was hanging out. we all had a good laugh about that and now i have a new pair. the nice thing about getting new sliding shorts is that they're really white. i'll look sharp!

i got the word yesterday: my grandparents are moving back to holland. those two are moving machines! i was kinda hoping they would just give their house in manotick to my parents but i doubt that's going to happen. so they'll pack up and ship everything back over the ocean in a couple of weeks and come back in a couple of months. thinking back, i think i called june for their departure month, but i'm not positive. my friends seem to remember this though. so maybe i was right.

i need more shirts for work. the bad thing about bussing is that you have to sit there and sweat with tons of people around but then you have to get up and walk home. gross. i need shirts that mask the sweat. today i'm wearing my blue long-sleeved running shirt. every day is casual friday!

okay, i really have a ton of work to do. apparently when i get dumped on i get dumped on good. i was given tons of stuff yesterday, all for today. can i do it? i'll have to stop posting and get to it!

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