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Wednesday, June 8, 2005

how do you sell a knife with no knife?

so my fishy job interview. i have a link to the post so you can see for yourself what i so foolishly got myself into. it's a company that does marketing for other companies. doesn't sound terrible. but what i realized during the interview was that it was like the pyramid scheme that is vector marketing (aka knife selling the summer after first year university) so you get paid commission and the higher up guys get a huge cut from every customer you bring on for the company's customer. still with me?

AND they asked me back for a second interview.
"how does tomorrow sound?"
me: yeah, i could do tomorrow.
"how about 9:15am - 6pm?" [with a straight face]
me: what? [pause] i can't stay until 6pm. i have class.
"that's okay. we only say 6pm to cover the whole day. there's testing at the end that we can squeeze in before, say, 5:15?"
me: what?

and on and on it went. i agreed to come in. on the way home i realized that this day was basically a non-paid training for a shit job that i already decided i didn't want. so i called and said i couldn't make it.

and then i hear back from a contact about an actual job opening with environment canada and i call the woman i was told to contact and i have an interview tomorrow morning. hopefully it works out and i won't feel bad anymore about not making money. i'm even becoming a crappy housewife and flooding the basement. who does that? this girl.


  1. when i leave myself comments it makes me feel important. do you realize how simple it is to make me feel important?

  2. does anyone else not like the feeling of socks anymore? "summertime when the living's easy."

  3. Good luck on that interview tomorrow!!!

    You don't have to leave yourself comments - you ARE important - 'kay!?

  4. my interview was postponed until monday, but thank you.

  5. i never like the feeling of socks, unless my feet are really really really really cold.

  6. Also - good luck on Monday!

  7. kelly, you better keeping commenting because that's the only way i can talk to you now.

    you could always start an annonymous sex blog but tell me about it so i could read it.

  8. Wow. That's really fishy. I hope your real interview works out. I have a real interview coming up too - with Telus! It's exciting because I really have a fighting chance since I'll be only the second candidate they've interviewed and really it's a great position for me.
    - Sabrina

  9. awesome sabrina. that's great news. is it a career position or a summer job position?

  10. I don't think I could handle an anonymous sex blog.

    I'll let you know when I'm back in the swing of things. Still putting the apartment in order. And I'm back and forth between Kingston and the GTA right now looking for a summer job (and praying that I don't get one, even though I don't have any money). So I told myself I am not allowed to blog until I get everything done.

    But don't worry - I'll keep commenting every once in awhile.

  11. Good luck with the Telus thing, Sabrina!

  12. It's a contract one-year position with the possibility of becoming a permanent position.
    - Sabrina.