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Wednesday, June 8, 2005

crazy? i think so

so i have an interview in the morning. i applied for a position posted on and i went to find out more about the company and can't really. they don't have a website and it seems like there are tons and tons of postings, all the same, from tons and tons of different companies. this is getting fishy. so i really don't know what to expect but i'm guessing it won't be a good job for me.

i also got a call yesterday from this guy who wants to sell me life insurance. i keep telling him no because i don't have a job. so he asks if i've ever considered being a financial planner. i definitely have not i tell him. so he gives my name to some manager guy who calls me and asks me to fill out a questionnaire online. i do it and he calls me saying i wouldn't be happy as a financial planner. i could have told you that, buddy. but don't listen to me. listen to your questionnaire. right.

oh, one more thing about jobs, i was looking on the website and saw a position posted from my old group (where i spent 5 months). so i applied but then realized that they probably wrote the competition for the guy who's still there (8 months and counting!). so i emailed him to ask him if the position was for him. i'm sure he'll give me a straight answer. this is a no-bullshit kind of guy.

i'm glad french is almost done. we have one more class this week and then only one next week since the last class is always dinner out. then i'm taking a break. i've been doing this for the past siz months. it's time for a break. i have my books though, so i'll be working on my french at home. when the timing's right.

i'm done.


  1. maybe i'll leave myself a comment so i can feel important. look people! this is how you do it. you say "hi batman, how are you doing? that's nice. okay bye!" you know, like anything. i love hearing from you.

  2. Good luck on your interview.
    - Sabrina

  3. thanks sabrina. turns out it was a chump company and i'm not going to go to the second interview, which was supposed to be tomorrow ALL DAY. who does that? wackos.

  4. What was the job going to be?