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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

weird blogger

blogger was being weird yesterday and said that it couldn't find my blog on its server. oh well.

so who knew that 24 this week was 2 hours long and that it started at 8?? they didn't advertise that much and we were left not watching it since we missed the first hour and now we have to watch them both tomorrow night. so no one tell me anything that happens.

i've been on a scrapbooking kick. i scrapbooked three times by myself. i guess now that i have everything i need there's nothing stopping me. i also have all the pictures i want from this year printed and i started backwards in 2004 and already in april so not many more until i have all those too. i'm thinking i'm going to make a separate book for our trips to bc since we took so many pictures.

my race is this saturday. i think before i run another race i'm going to read up on how to train for races because i don't feel like i've done enough, but i don't know what else to do. so i'm kinda screwed. but there's another race on canada day that i'm hoping to do.

oh! our green day tickets came in the mail today! we're going to see green day! and yesterday i heard that kelly clarkson is coming to town in august. this is my second hint. *hint hint*.

we had one of our last S&Bs last night. it was fun. i found a good pattern for a yoga mat bag, but still can't figure out what they want me to do. stupid patterns. but i will knit something from a pattern so i have to learn! next week we're having S&B here and we're ordering pizza and watching a movie. knitting or not.

it's finally nice out today, but i slept in like it was my job and want to go to the gym and have other running around to do so i won't be outside tanning like i would like. i still have three months left of summer and no work so i'm sure i can get a good tan this year.

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