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Monday, May 30, 2005

volunteering and recovering

i volunteered at the marathon yesterday morning. i was picked up well before 6am and we made our way downtown. luckily our station was not so much downtown and didn't take long to find. we were just before the 38th KM and worked the gatorade stands so we were giving out cups of gatorade to runners for hours and hours. the best part was when the runners thanked us for being there. i would have to say that the worst part was my not being able to fall asleep saturday night and waking up early and being on my feet for such a long time. would i do it again? likely. who wouldn't when they give you a sexy hat and bright orange t-shirt?

i slept like a baby last night. for a long time too. and today i've been busy doing laundry and other such things. i'm so exciting.

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