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Thursday, May 12, 2005

this is how i learn

i have a funny story. i told you last time that jon went and met up with other mazda 3 owners and they talked and went on a cruise and hung out some more. we even have pictures. so i was driving with marianne near my place when this random guy waves at me. it was one of the guys from the meet! i laughed so hard. SO hard!

so since the last time we spoke i've played two baseball games. we won the first and lost the second. i played well both games and managed to scrape up my leg blocking a girl at third (good thing she was wearing rubber spikes and not metal ones) and i got gravel and dirt all down my shorts diving back to second. lots happens when you get on base almost every time. so far i'm having a great time and am looking forward to the rest of the season.

we missed 24 this week so i'm looking forward to seeing it tonight. i think after that, which is after french class, i'll go out to grace o'malley's again for andi's birthday. at least for a bit.

last night was knitting and i had a good time. i'm learning how to do all sorts of different stitches before i start another blanket. this one might not be as big, i'm thinking the 'throw' kind. 'throw' basically means 'little blanket' which means less time and effort.

what else what else. i'm going to go running tomorrow again in preparation for my race. they actually have an area where you can greet me when i finish. so if you're in town saturday, may 28th and want to see my all tired and sweaty then come out. i would love to see your smiling face at the finish line!

saturday night i get to scrapbook again! it's silly that i don't do it on my own when i have all the time during the day, but it's way more fun to do it with someone. so julie and i are getting together again. c'mon, be excited with me!

until next time. batman out (it's like seacrest out!).

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