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Saturday, May 28, 2005

the big race

well the big race has come and gone and i'm happy to report that i finished and i finished much faster than i thought i would. my time was just under 30 minutes (so there everyone who laughed at me!). and i realized why i was taking so long to do the run at the gym. the treadmills are in miles so i was running 5 miles (= 8K) in 60 minutes. now that i know i don't think my training will be the same.

some things i noticed: there were tons of people. so many that i had to walk at some parts. i like the whole timing chip part so you're racing against the clock, not the people around you.. well sorta.

there was a company on site who was engraving medals (everyone who finished got one) and i had mine engraved and i'm glad i did. now i can say that i've run a 5K race and i can start looking forward to more, and maybe longer races.

tomorrow i'm volunteering at the marathon. my ride will be here well before 6am and we're to have 3000 cups of gatorade poured by 8am. it's going to be a long morning, but very rewarding as we're the last of the water stations, at 35K (of 42.2K) so i'm really excited.

tomorrow will also consist of a nap possibly, a family barbeque, and baseball practice unless it pours. i'll tell you more about stuff later. and not so much about running next post, promise.


  1. Congratulations!! Hopefully I'll be able to do 10 pushups soon.

    - Sabrina