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Sunday, May 15, 2005

that's what i thought

i'm sore. i had practice tonight and i pitched for a bit afterwards so my whole left side is hurting. i knew it would though.

i had a good weekend. friday night we went out for dinner at the works, a burger place in westboro. i had never been and was amazed at the selection. i almost got the fruitloop, a burger with pear and pineapple and other fruit (i can't even remember now), but i chickened out and had the mcworks.

then yesterday i had another chicken burger but this time at my parents place because my aunt was in town from LA. it was nice to see her. i didn't get to see much of her last summer (or anyone else for that matter) around wedding time because everything was so crazy.

last night i went to julie's again to scrapbook. i'm getting better.. i got 5 pages done in 4 hours instead of 4. and, this is huge, i made a double page. you don't have to care if you don't want.

today was a driving around, checking out sales day, and getting cat litter cause we're all out. now it's relaxing time. i have my meeting tomorrow with a woman from altis so maybe i'll have a good-paying job soon.

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