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Monday, May 9, 2005


so this weekend. this weekend was pretty busy. friday night was a rush to get everything in my parent's basement up for the garage sale saturday. that involved a lot of moving. a lot of lugging heavy old wood things upstairs. we weren't around for the garage sale, but a lot of their stuff sold but a lot of it didn't. some will be going out with the trash whenever that goes, but some has to go back in the basement. yuck. i made $2.

after that we went to matt's and watched XXX 2. it was the worst movie i have ever seen. the worst. i wouldn't recommend it to anyone, even the people i don't like.

saturday i had a ball game early-ish (read: early for me). we played my old team and lost, but were ahead for two thirds of the game. and i played well so i feel good about that. sunday morning i played with my old team and we won. i played okay, but not stellar. then i had another game sunday afternoon (after food and a nap at home) with my team. we lost very well. but again i played okay so it all works out.

saturday night was dinner at gramma's and then the guys came over and watched friday night lights and bits of snl. friday night lights was pretty good. there was a lot of emotion from these big black teens which was weird to see.

and yesterday jon had his mazda 3 get together thing. i could go on and on about that, but all i will say is that he had fun, got to meet some people, and got a burn on his neck and arms.

we finally made it out to my parent's place after 7pm and gave my mom flowers and then came home and ate pizza and watched tv. a nice end to a long weekend.

a nice end to a long post.


  1. It took Dave a really long time to download the first XXX movie without getting porn.

    - Sabrina

  2. yeah, i can imagine. did he like it when he finally saw it?