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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

oh team america

team america is out today on dvd. i'm on my way to the store now. the puking scene is the best one in the whole movie. movie night anyone?

this week is turning into a very full week, and i don't even work during the day. i guess a big thing is having baseball four times this week. last night we won our game, but not thanks to me. defensively i played like i usually do, but offensively i sucked. i think the pressure of being 4th batter got to me a little. we have another game tomorrow night in pakenham. who goes to pakenham for a game. answer: we do.

another reason is the gym. i'm trying to keep going as much as i did before baseball started, but it's not happening. this week, if all goes well, i should make it 4 times. not bad i guess. i think as long as i get there 3 times a week i'll be happy.

okay, running around time. groceries can't buy themselves.

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  1. SOMEDAY groceries will buy themselves, but then won't it be weird to then eat them? Hmm.

    I'm in for a movie night! I can't wait to see the movie, I somehow missed it through it's entir run through multiple theatres, so I guess this will be the best way for me.

    I'm jealous of all your physical activity and your french activity. I'll never in my life run 5K (by the 3rd km I'd just let the wolves have me) but I'll sure as heck support you!! Go Batman!!!!