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Thursday, May 5, 2005


i'm really excited. i just signed up for a 5K race! huge! i ran my first 5K yesterday ever and i'm a little sore today, but i think some of the soreness is left over from my weights tuesday. so i didn't do my weights today. but i'm happy to report that i am officially back down to my high school weight. take that, frosh 20!

last night was my baseball team's pub night. it was fun. i got to see a lot of people (thanks to everyone who came out), some that i haven't seen since my contract ended at environment canada and one who i haven't seen in 10 months. i have some pictures that i may or may not put up here later.

i just got word today of my brother's graduation date. he's finishing up his undergrad this summer, but is graduating with his class next month. last year him and jon came to my grad (along with my parents and my brother's then-girlfriend) and made so much noise. the man who handed me my diploma said something to the effect of him being sure that i was glad i brought those two. yep, they made me proud. so now it's my turn to be that loud ass.

tomorrow's friday. that's always a good day.

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