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Sunday, April 3, 2005

we lost

well we just lost in the finals. so hockey is done for me for the year. i think i played well enough, though i was on for two of three of their goals. ah well. now it's party time.

i watched raise your voice yesterday. you know, the one with hilary duff. where she sings. yeah that one. i actually found it pretty touching. i was surprised with myself.

what else? we got our taxes done today and i'm looking forward to the big fat return we'll be getting. so there, government. you take it away but then you give it right back. silly government.

i feel like i've been busy these days, but i haven't really. i had to do some running around to get my name changed finally. i still have more to do and an early start tomorrow morning will help. blah getting up early.

i'm driving myself crazy. i want to have a job. and i realized that my taxes next year are going to be harded to do with ei in the mix. at least it's free money right now.

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