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Thursday, April 28, 2005

the rain that scared

this morning we (me and the two cats) were woken up by the rain. it sounded like all the windows were open and the downpour was drenching the house. not even one window was open so that was some torrential rain. good for the grass.

i have yet another movie to watch tonight. the laws of attraction. i have no idea how cheesy it will be, but i don't care. it was free and i'll probably only half pay attention anyway. last night/ this afternoon was eternal sunshine of a spotless mind. it was weird and someone mentioned that jim carrey's character was mentally challenged but i'm not sure he was supposed to be, but i kept thinking that.

tonight's weight circuit at the gym i used free weights for my arms. i'm sure i'm going to be real sore tomorrow since i already am. but good sore.

if you're in ottawa you want to come out next wednesday night. i know you do. so come to grace o'malleys on merivale and support my ball team. 100% lesbian-free!

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